Blogging from the iPad

Brett Kelly recently expressed his main problem with blogging from the iPad:

“Your post is almost never finished and ready to publish using only the iPad. At least, none of mine ever are.”

That is definitely frustrating. I can compose a post in PlainText or even Edito [1. At the risk of Brett calling me a “neckbeard.”], but there’s no option to publish right then and there. Yes, there’s a WordPress app for iPad, but it’s best avoided in my experience.

But that’s not my real problem with blogging from the iPad. I don’t mind saving a nearly-complete post to Dropbox, opening it on a Mac with TextMate and publishing from there [2. You didn’t think I was going to say “open a browser and paste into WordPress,” did you? Never, ever use the browser-based editor. Ever.]. My problem is that I can’t easily refer to reference material while I’m writing.

Hopping back and forth between the post and my collected material is just too annoying. I usually have a few Safari tabs open as well as a note or two, plus my paper notebook. Mobile Safari ends up re-loading pages and swiping between notes causes me to lose my thought.

If I’m working on a post that requires little research, I’ll gladly compose it on the iPad. Otherwise, I’ll work out ideas or an outline on the iPad and finish on the Mac. The jumping around doesn’t work for me.