BubCap Home Button Covers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Big thanks to BubCap Home Button Covers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for being this week’s sponsor. The BubCap is a cover that, when placed over the Home button of your device, prevents it from being pressed. It’s fantastic for trade shows, students, users with special needs and kids. In fact, I recommend the BubCap in my article, “How to child-proof your iPhone.”

Prevent Unwanted Home Key Presses

There are four BubCap models of varying rigidity: regular, Ultra, Max and Pro. The regular, Ultra and Max models are semi-rigid and made of plastic, while the BubCap Pro is rigid and made of aluminum. The plastic models will yield to the firm press of an adult, but most children will not be able to activate the Home button while its in place. Think of how often you’ve given your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Jr., only to have him navigate away from the initial app and get into something else. This eliminates that issue completely.

Additionally, my wife is a special needs teacher and a BubCap prevents her students from accidentally tapping out of communications apps. Best of all, they remove easily without leaving a residue and are re-usable.

Go Pro

The aluminum BubCap Pro can only be activated with a toothpick and is practically impossible to remove by hand. It’s extreme for sure, but perfect for when you absolutely cannot have a user navigating away from a given applicaion. Think museum kiosk or something similar.

Try It Out

Each model is sold in a 4-pack for $5.99, in addition to an Intro Pack (2 regulars and 2 Ultras) and an Explorer Pack of six (two each regular, Ultra and Max) for $7.99. Finally, the BubCap Pro is available in a two-pack ($9.99) or a 25-pack for mass deployment ($119.99) in black or white.

You’ll find a BubCap iPad photo after the break.