Dolly Drive

Huge thanks to Dolly Drive for being this week’s sponsor. I first discovered Dolly Drive at Macworld Expo 2011, just days after its initial launch and have used it since. It’s a backup service that puts your Time Machine backup in the cloud.

How it works

One word: simple. Installation runs you through the process, including showing Time Machine the your remote volume. Plus, there’s extensive control over what gets backed up via the Inclusion Assistant. By default, Dolly Drive will offer to back up everything. However, you can use the Inclusion Assistant to fine-tune that list. For example, do you keep most of your documents in Dropbox? If so, your local documents folder is probably empty. Exclude it!


You probably wonder about restoration via the cloud. I did, too, until I had to use it. No, it’s not as lightning-fast as a local drive, but it’s a LOT better than being in the field, at a meeting, with a client or about to give a presentation and realizing that the file you need is on a drive in your house.

Go get it!

f you aren’t backing up your data, you’re on your knees, begging for trouble. I can lead you to Dolly Drive, but I can’t make you drink. The promise of Time Machine backups that occur hourly no matter where you are (I backed up my laptop from an airplane once) is something you shouldn’t pass up. Trust me, and check out Dolly Drive.

Agenda for iPhone

Big thanks to Agenda for sponsoring 52 Tiger this week. This fantastic, inexpensive ($0.99) calendar for the iPhone has earned a spot on my home screen.

Those looking for a speedy, efficient and good-looking way to move through their events ought to consider Agenda. The fact that you can do almost everything with the swipe of a thumb is very nice indeed. Old eyes like mine appreciate the legibility, and I can’t help but love the speed. Agenda is very well done.


Big thanks to Agenda ($0.99), this week’s sponsor. Agenda has replaced Apple’s Calendar app on my iPhone, and earned a spot on the home screen. Here’s why I love it, and why you will, too.


Call me fickle, but looks count. Fortunately, Agenda is beautiful. It offers legible black text on a field of white. While other calendar apps get “cutsey,” the folks at savvy apps went in the other, and preferable, direction.


Agenda offers year, month, week, day and event views while the navigation buttons, edit/create button and settings button remain consistent. Color-coded dots identify each event’s parent calendar and nearly everything you’ll want to do can be accomplished with one hand. Heck, with one thumb.

Finally, it works with MobileMe calendar, GCal, Exchange…in fact, it finds and works with whatever calendar you happen to have set up in your iPhone’s Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings.

Go get it!

What are you waiting for? At $0.99, a calendar that looks this good and works this well ought to be on your iPhone.

Thanks to App Cubby

Huge thanks to App Cubby for being this week’s sponsorDavid Barnard and his crew build iOS apps that I’ve been using for years. Apps the I depend on, like Trip Cubby.

Trip Cubby

My job requires me to accurately track mileage across two vehicles. Before the iPhone descended upon us, I tried to use a notepad and paper. It was invariably in the wrong car or missing entirely.

At last, David released Trip Cubby. This super little app lives on my iPhone, which never leaves my side. I use it to record mileage, sorted by vehicle, gig, vendor and so on. Everything is backed up wirelessly via sync and can be exported via email as an Excel-friendly .CSV file. You know who really likes that? My accountant.

It also features beautiful charts and graphs, IRS compliance, customizable rates, stats on paid/unpaid milage, etc. But it’s more than pretty. Trip Cubby is, as I said, a tool that I absolutely depend on.

Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby records milage and adds service history and even reminders, which is great. Those plastic clings that the mechanic puts on your windshield always fall off. At least mine do. Yet, I won’t forget about that 7,500 mile checkup when Gas Cubby reminds me. The search feature is also well-implemented and there’s ample support for international units, like MPG (Canada), MPG (UK), MPG (Imperial), L/100km, gal/100mi (US), gal/100mi (Imperial), km/L, km/gal (US), km/gal (Imperial), and mi/L, for all of you folks who drive on the wrong side of the road.

Go get them!

Trip Cubby and Gas Cubby are both available from the App Store for $4.99.


App Cubby

Huge thanks to App Cubby for being my inaugural sponsor. App Cubby is the home of Trip Cubby, Gas Cubby and Mirror Free. Gas Cubby lets you track mileage and auto maintenance across vehicles. There’s online sync for backups, beautiful charts and graphs, customizable reminders and more. I’ve been using Gas Cubby for years and will continue to do so for a long time. Here’s a review I wrote at TUAW.

Trip Cubby is essential for anyone who must track mileage for work. Designed with IRS compatibility in mind, Trip Cubby features export to Excel-compatible .csv via email attachment. Every January, I export my Trip Cubby data to Excel and hand it over to my accountant. You’ll also find online sync for backups, customizable “frequent trip” settings for quick data entry, beautiful charts and graphs, customizable reimbursement rates and more. Again, this is an app I’ve used for years and wouldn’t want to be without.

Finally, Mirror Free is a fun, free app that uses the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera as a mirror. Tap to freeze any image.

Thanks again to App Cubby. They make great apps that I love, and you probably will, too.