CES gets “sexy” wrong

Mighty Girl:

“If you want to pay models to pretend-demo your products, fine. Models totally love getting paid, and women don’t need to buy your product. But the least you can do is provide clothing that genuinely appeals to the target audience — nerds.

Something that says, ‘My hotness does not preclude the possibility that I’m smart’ instead of ‘I grew up without a father, and am being paid to make eye contact with you.'”

I’ve seen booth babes dressed like the former and the latter. Mighty Girl gets it right. When the woman is attractive and sexy in an understated way, I think, “It’ll be nice to discuss [Product X] with her.” When she’s dressed like a pole dancer, I’m thinking, “Don’t look at her body. Don’t look at her body. Don’t look at her body” and miss the presentation entirely.