Congratulations to We’re Alive on 100 episodes

We’re Alive is my favorite podcast. Hands down. The (almost) weekly serial is about a group of mismatched people trying to survive a zombie infestation. I know, you’ve heard it a million times. But not like this.

Creator and writer KC Wayland is weaving a compelling story with real, believable characters I actually care about. The story is presented as an audio drama and the production is fantastic. Not only the acting and foley work, but the details. It’s clear that the team does its research into military procedure, the geography in and around Los Angeles and so on.

There are characters I cheer for, others I loathe and a few whose allegiance is unclear. They’re often the most compelling  I look forward to a new episode every Monday.

The show has just celebrated its 100th episode with the release of a re-designed site and an iOS app.  KC also announced that a book is in the works, “Burt’s Story,” which details the backstory of my favorite character. I can’t wait to buy it (Burt is the best, baby!).

We’re Alive has been downloaded 12 million times, and I see why. Subscribe if you haven’t, but start from season one, episode one or you’ll be lost. Finally, check out these (spoiler-heavy) promo photos they shot, [1. That’s Burt in the photo above, ready to kick some ass with “Shirley,” his .50 Desert Eagle.] based on characters and situations from the podcast. Freaking sweet.

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