Creating Launch Center profiles

I’ve been enjoying App Cubby’s Launch Center for a couple of weeks. It’s an iPhone app that lets you create one-tap shortcuts to common actions like launching a website, posting to Twitter or sending text messages. It even creates alerts to remind you when a certain action should be completed. It’s a real time-saver and a worthy addition to my iPhone’s home screen.

Last weekend I realized that I set it up to suit my needs at work and home, subconsciously dividing the two. At the top of the app’s screen I’ve got shortcuts for sending email and text messages to my wife, placing phone calls to my wife and parents and posting to Facebook. Below that I’ve got shortcuts to my web stats, 1Password, OmniFocus and an email to the team at TUAW.

This got me thinking of “profiles” for the app, or how individuals might set the app up, based on occupation or interest. Launch Center does not offer a profiles feature, but it doesn’t really have to. Instead, a person’s interests or occupation naturally creates a certain collections of tasks.

For example, a writer’s Launch Center profile could look like this:

  • Open online web stats.
  • Launch iOS blogging app of choice.
  • Launch iOS text editor.
  • Email to a post-by-email account like those for Posterous and WordPress.

Likewise, a parent’s could set it up to include:

  • A camera app.
  • Facebook launcher.
  • Text to other parent/partner.
  • Phone shortcuts to pediatrician, school, etc.
  • Flashlight for late-night checks before bed or finding the myriad of things kids inevitably lose.

I can think of other setups for the social media addict, shutterbug, etc. So, how have you got Launch Center setup?