Daily Tip: Create a station in Apple’s Podcasts app

Apple released version 1.2 of Podcasts for iPhone and iPad with several big changes, including custom station creation. I like this feature a whole lot, as it lets you group podcasts however you like and moves between new episodes across shows automatically. I’ve already made several, including science, drama, fun and tech. Here’s how to create a custom station in Podcasts for iPhone and iPad version 1.2.

  1. Subscribe to some podcasts. Enter the store and pick a few that you like.
  2. Tap My Stations and then New Stations.
  3. Enter a name for your new station. A list of your subscribed podcasts appears.
  4. Tap those you’d like to add to your station. When you’re finished, tap Done.

That’s it. While on the My Stations screen, tap Edit to re-order your stations. You can delete a station (but not the podcasts it contains) by swiping across its title.




This post is part is one of 31 tech tips I published in March, 2013You’ll find the rest here.