Day One for iPhone as an asocial travel log

Day One for iPhone ($4.99, universal) is a great way to create a portable, location-based travel log in the cloud without inundating your contacts with boring vacation photos.

I love social sharing yet I’m always aware of a line that’s easy but unsavory to cross. This is probably due to my own neurosis, but I  don’t want to be a braggart. I also understand that, let’s be honest, no one really cares if I’m contemplating the clouds from a lakeside hammock. Hell, I barely care.

Still, I want to keep a record of these events. I love travel more than anything [1. Don’t tell my wife or kids. Or my parents. Or my two sisters. Or their husbands]. A few years ago I used Gowalla as a travel log. It worked well and didn’t require me to broadcast my comings and goings. Today, apps like Path and Facebook make it easy to record my location, snap a photo, add a comment and update my log. I love those services. They’re fun. But I don’t necessarily want to advertise what I’m doing to all of my followers. Now I use Day One for that.

Day One is a great little travel log. To use it, simply snap a photo or create a new text entry. If you’ve enabled location services (Settings > Location Services > Day One > On), the app will grab your location and add it to a photo. You can also update location information manually. Choose from your current physical location, search nearby locations (data comes from Foursquare) or search a map.

From there, add some text, tap save and you’re done. You can share via Twitter if you like or check in with Foursquare. I like to record a stop on my journey with a beautiful photo, some thoughts on what I saw, who was with me, what I felt and so on. That’s just for me. No more blasting you with images of the curly fries I inhaled while strolling the boardwalk. Finally, cloud sync lets me send everything to the Mac version of Day One  ($4.99) without lifting a finger.

Try it out and let me know how you get on. It’s a great “asocial” travel log solution.

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