If you look in the sidebar you’ll find a new item called “Diversions.” Here’s what that’s about.

Today I had the great privilege of recording the 100th episode of The Bro Show on the 70 Decibels network. Terry Lucy, Myke Hurley, Peter Cohen and I talked about Mike Daisey, the new iPad and Tim Cook’s performance as Apple’s CEO. That was great, but I was struck by something Peter said about The Loop.

Peter and Jim Dalrymple have been running The Loop for some years now, and it’s one of my all-time favorite sites. That’s because, as Myke noted, it feels like “Jim and Peter’s blog,” despite its size and reputation as a professional and highly-respected site. Peter answered by saying, “The Loop is the same schtick Jim and I have been doing in our professional and personal identities straight back to MacCentral.” That’s exactly what I love about it. It’s obviously written by real, live people with diverse interests and passions.

Jim and I have talked about this before, and I’ve been considering it out loud on Twitter lately. In turning 52 Tiger into a professional venture, I succumbed to idea that it must focus on a small handful of topics, and avoid a casual tone. The truth is, my interests expand beyond Apple’s products. And I’m a huge dork.

The Diversions sidebar item will display quick-hit links to anything I find interesting enough to share with you. Stories, products, photos and so on that I love. It will be updated very frequently. It’s not in any of the RSS feeds, so don’t worry about me cramming your reader.

I’ve noticed that I like reading people more than products. Shawn Blanc vs. Mashable, for instance. That’s why I read The Loop, 512 Pixels, Ben Brooks, Daring Fireball and Brett Kelly among others. If  you do, too, here’s hoping you’ll put Dave Caolo on your list.