Dolly Drive

Huge thanks to Dolly Drive for being this week’s sponsor. I first discovered Dolly Drive at Macworld Expo 2011, just days after its initial launch and have used it since. It’s a backup service that puts your Time Machine backup in the cloud.

How it works

One word: simple. Installation runs you through the process, including showing Time Machine the your remote volume. Plus, there’s extensive control over what gets backed up via the Inclusion Assistant. By default, Dolly Drive will offer to back up everything. However, you can use the Inclusion Assistant to fine-tune that list. For example, do you keep most of your documents in Dropbox? If so, your local documents folder is probably empty. Exclude it!


You probably wonder about restoration via the cloud. I did, too, until I had to use it. No, it’s not as lightning-fast as a local drive, but it’s a LOT better than being in the field, at a meeting, with a client or about to give a presentation and realizing that the file you need is on a drive in your house.

Go get it!

f you aren’t backing up your data, you’re on your knees, begging for trouble. I can lead you to Dolly Drive, but I can’t make you drink. The promise of Time Machine backups that occur hourly no matter where you are (I backed up my laptop from an airplane once) is something you shouldn’t pass up. Trust me, and check out Dolly Drive.