DraftPad for iPhone might be what I’ve been waiting for

Update: Find my mini review of DraftPad here.

DraftPad is a notebook for the iPhone and iPad. It’s one of many, in fact. What makes it stand out is how easily you can share information you’ve quickly jotted down with Twitter, SMS, email and a whole lot more. Plus, you can extend DraftPad’s usefulness with goodies from the Assist Library (or even write your own).

While I remain unconvinced that an app can capture information more quickly or efficiently than paper and pen, I’m excited by DraftPad’s potential. A problem I’ve always had was that text I’ve captured with iOS isn’t easily put to use (as an email, tweet, etc.). It seems like DraftPad takes care of that.

I’ll be using it in earnest for a week, and then I’ll write it up. See you then.

[Via MacStories]