Google Keep and self-sufficiency in web apps

Om Malik, writing about Google Keep:

“…it is hard to trust Google to keep an app alive. What if I spend months using the app, and then Google decides it doesn’t meet some arbitrary objective? Evernote has my data and frankly, I’m glad to pay them to keep it because they are who they are. One of the reasons I use Evernote is because it is their only thing. (For now.) Evernote is focused on making the service better. And it keeps that focus every year.”

I’m with Om on this. I trust Evernote because I pay them and because the company consistently demonstrates a serious commitment to me as a customer and to my data. But that brings up a larger point of self-sufficiently. This isn’t the first time I’ve come to rely on a service that’s been shut down or sold. Today I have a real hard time trusting the newest startup with my data or my photos, for example. Too many either go out of business or get bought, disrupting my workflow in the process.

It might be time to give roll-your-own solutions a real hard look. That way you’ve got total control over the whole thing, soup to nuts.