Google Now, Siri are great travel companions


Anick Jesdanun explains how restricting yourself to one company’s digital ecosystem (Apple, Google, etc.) can hinder your experience, especially while traveling. In an article on Skift, Jesdanun explains how Google Now and Siri can merge, Borg-style, into a fantastic travel companion:

Siri is the better of the two — as a voice assistant. She’ll always respond with something, even if it’s to seek clarification. Google Now will often remain silent, sometimes giving you no more than a list of websites…Google Now shines is in anticipating your questions. Open the Google Search app, and you’ll see cards fill the screen with useful information.

In Orlando, Google Now continually offered directions to nearby breweries, possibly because I had searched Google for information on tours. I got information on a co-worker’s flight from Las Vegas because he had shared his Google calendar with me. And because I had searched for Flowers Foods for a story just before my trip, Google Now offered me directions to the baking company’s headquarters in Georgia when I was about a half-hour away.”

As an iPhone user, I’ve only played with Google Now for a few days. But it only took me that long to fall in love. The cards feel like what Apple’s Passbook could have been: always useful, instead of occasionally useful. In fact, I’m enjoying Now so much I’m considering moving all of my calendar events over to Google.

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  1. I’m assuming that this requires for you to full on with Google? I don’t use Gmail or their calendar. I use Exchange at work & iCloud for my personal stuff.

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