Green Bay Packers rely on the iPad

The Green Bay Packers are preparing for the divisional finals against the New York Football Giants with iPads in hand, as they’ve done all season. “Wherever you go, you’re taking this iPad with you,” said wide receiver James Jones.

JS Online (JSO) reports that the iPad has played a crucial role in the team’s season, offering near ubiquitous access to game film, providing novel opportunities for pre-game preparation. Each week, JSO reports, the team-issued iPads are loaded with film of that week’s opponent, which players are encouraged — but not required — to study on their own. Those who do are better prepared for meetings and game-planning:

“That’s what the wide receivers coach admires most about the iPad – the sheer wealth of film the app allows. They still have group meetings, of course. The receivers haven’t gone 100% digital. But now when the receivers reconvene, there are more advanced discussions about players and schemes.”

Wide receiver Edgar Bennett sees additional benefits: portability and convenience. Free from DVDs, he’s can watch film whenever it’s convenient, regardless if he’s got access to a DVD player.

I’m no cheesehead, but I like this story. Here’s hoping for a Rogers/Brady Superbowl.