GroovBoard lap desk for iPad

Big thanks to GroovBoard for sponsoring the site this week. The GroovBoard is a lap desk and stand that turns your iPad into the perfect couch computer. Make yourself comfortable and get some writing done with a real keyboard while the GroovBoard holds your iPad at the perfect angle.

Like to pull up your knees and get really snuggly but still want to use your iPad comfortably? No problem. Want to just relax and read an ebook without having to hold the iPad in your hand? Check. No matter if you want to use your iPad to write, read, draw, paint, make music, play games or watch movies, the GroovBoard will hold on to your iPad, Apple Wireless Keyboard and stylus, so you don’t have to.

Each GroovBoard is beautifully hand-crafted from a selection of fine hardwoods. Models currently come in ash, apple (of course), cherry, plum, oak and walnut and fit a wide variety of interior design styles. Because gadget accessories should also be an accessory for your home.

Special launch offer from July 30 through August 5: Save $10 on all GroovBoard models!