Hardware updates from Apple [Updated]

Apple released some new hardware today. First, the iMac line now includes dual core processors from 3.06 GHz up to 3.6 GHz, and quad core processors from 2.8 GHz up to 2.93 GHz.

The Mac Pro line has been refreshed up to 12 cores, featuring “Westmere” Xeon X5670 chips running at up to 3.33GHz on the single-chip machine and 2.93GHz on the dual-processor model.

Most interesting is the Magic Trackpad. This $69 device is essentially a larger (80% larger), Bluetooth MacBook Pro trackpad that brings multi-touch gestures to Apple desktops. Apple’s commitment to multi-touch is all-encompassing and, bookmark this post, will eventually lead to the end of the mouse.

Update: Endaget has posted a hands-on with the Magic Trackpad.