Haunted house and Japanese folklore

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I’m so late on this but my spooky Halloween read is Nothing But Blackened Teeth by Cassandra Khaw. Two couples in their 20’s, all of them amateur ghost hunters, fly to Japan as two of them are getting married. Sparing no expense, they rent a colossal mansion as part of the festivities. A mansion with a dark history.

The legend tells of a bride who long ago was meant to be married at the mansion, only to be left at the alter. In her grief, she demanded to be buried alive in the house’s foundation, so that she could keep it standing until her love returned. A macabre tradition was born. Once a year, a girl is buried within the house to keep the lonely bride company.

Of course it’s more than a quick haunted house book. The relationships among the two couples are complicated. Our narrator, Cat, recently left an in-patient facility for mental health concerns.

At 125 pages it gets right to the creepy action and you can read it in a sitting or two. It’s good and creepy, and perfect for these cold nights.

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