Heather Armstrong in the New York Times Magazine

Congratulations to Heather on this mostly fantastic piece in the New York Times Magazine. Why “mostly?” Gruber nails it:

“I’ll tell you what I don’t like about it. The title: ‘Queen of the Mommy Bloggers.’ I think ‘mommy blogger’ is a term intended to be dismissive.”

I totally agree. She’s not a “writer,” she’s a “mommy blogger.” That probably means she writes about pee pee and poo poo all day, right? Oh, look at this quote from NYT Mag writer Lisa Belkin:

“By talking about poop and spit up. And stomach viruses and washing-machine repairs. And home design, and high-strung dogs, and reality television, and sewer-line disasters, and chiropractor visits. And countless other banalities of one mother’s eclectic life that, for some reason, hundreds of thousands of strangers tune in, regularly, to read.”

It’s how she talks about those things that makes her phenomenally successful. Her stories are instantly relatable, entertaining, engaging and very well-written. Incredibly well. Some of the best writing advice I ever received was: “Nobody cares about you. They care about themselves. Write so that they see themselves, their experience, their world in your words.”

Heather does this with seemingly effortless grace, and that’s why millions of people know who “Dooce” is. As John points out, that “some reason” is that she’s a great fucking writer.