I dislike the iOS 6 App Store’s new look

I took grief about this on Twitter today, but I’m right. Apple has re-designed the look of the iOS App Store with iOS 6, which was released today. App icons “bleed” off of the edge of the screen, prompting the user to swipe and see more.

I hate it.

It’s ugly, it’s cluttered, it’s un-Apple. Worst of all, it’s confusing.

Is my iPhone displaying this improperly?

Should I be holding this in landscape?

Why are these apps cut off?

In the images above, the iOS 6 App Store is on the left. There are seven items displayed. I can’t read the titles of three of them. Some people told me that I find it troublesome because I’m a geek and typical users will find the positioning helpful. I disagree. In the image above, you can see “See All >” on the screen. It clearly suggests that there’s more off screen.

The iOS 5.x App Store layout, pictured on the right above, is tidy, clear and usable. It was far superior.

I’m now dreading iTunes 11.


  1. I might have to disagree with you on these fine points. I think judging by the screenshots you can see the featured area more clearly – and gives the apps more space to sell themselves.

    And as you say – the icons ARE cut off – while it may grind most people off it seems to make me want to see what lies beyond. (But of course it could be a ‘bug’)

    I remembered the first time i used the appstore on my ipad i didnt realize that i could actually swipe around to see all/more.

  2. I think it’s worse on a physical usability level. To hold the phone with my right hand and pull my thumb back enough to “push” that slider across is downright uncomfortable bordering painful. The whole reason iOS worked in the first place was the UITableView and the vertical scrolling. This is massive step in the wrong direction.

  3. This is a “borrow” from MicroSoft and its Metro (Modern User Interface) which I consider to be most distressing.

    For myself and a number or people I know having icons and text bleed off the edge of screens is the visual equivalent of chalk screeching on a chalkboard. Something I can just not stand. I much preferred the small “dots” below the images indicating that there was something else off the screen to see or swipe to.

    I will probably use other app discovery apps such as AppShopper and just hop to the Apps store to buy and install.

  4. I don’t like the App Store much It kind of difficult to use but I love the design but I can’t delete I purchased like when u click on purchased I try to erase it doesn’t work!!!!!! >:(

  5. I agree with you, the new design is not intuitive, it is cluttered, it is claustrophobic, it has bad colors. It is a bad choice.

  6. This is certainly the biggest downgrade ever and a mistake by Apple. The previous design was very intuitive, very easy to use and I would want to check out all the different categories and such. Now, I don’t even want to open the app store. The app store design flaws along with crappy maps will make the iOS 6 the worst upgrade in the history.

  7. They just copied the android store style which I find very unintuitive. Uhhhmm I feel old saying this but that last version was more apple like. I do like the not asking for my pass code everytime an app updates which is a lot.

  8. I don’t like it. I really miss the old Categories and see the new apps sorted by release date.

    In resume, I completely agree with you Dave.

  9. Personally, i think ALL of iOS 6 is a big fail. I care nothing for maps; I usually know where I’m going. My distaste for iOS 6 comes from the more everyday stuff; the native music app no longer allows swiping to temporarily delete a song off the device (a feature I can’t do without since I’m on an 8 gig device), the HORRIBLE App Store (that no longer looks distinctly APPLE and instead looks cluttered like an android os) that freezes and crashes during search, the battery life took a nosedive, passbook is totally useless (NONE of the what 5 apps on the damn thing pertain to anything I do regularly enough, and I’m SHOCKED not to see Starbucks in its app list considering how many apple users frequent Starbucks to pony show their idevices!)). What else? The new YouTube app is as bad as the old one, videos STILL don’t load–though that’s not an iOS 6 problem really. I definitely won’t be getting an iPhone 5, and I’m going to reset my 4s back to factory settings until apple gets this fixed up big time or until the next iOS. I was totally afraid of how apple would turn out post-Steve Jobs, and its coming to light quite early.

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