iPad won’t charge when heavily burdened with intense tasks

Gizmodo points out ridiculous whining at MacRumors and Apple’s own support forms from users who can’t charge their new iPads. Not all new iPads and not all the time, either. Rather, the iPad struggles to accept a charge in a specific scenario. Gizmodo:

“We noticed something similar on Friday when we were testing the new iPad. It wasn’t accepting a charge from a high-powered USB 2.0 port/cable. Later on, it also had trouble charging from the 10W charger that came with it. Both times it was under a heavy load from benchmarking, graphics tests, and just generally downloading, installing, and using a million apps. And once, it displayed that it was charging, but still continued to drain instead of charge. That adds up to Apple’s charger losing its battle against the laws of physics. Maybe it’s time for a new one?”

The emphasis is mine. So, the iPad wouldn’t charge when pushed to its absolute hardware and software maximum. Well there’s the nail in Apple’s coffin. Because so many home users keep their iPads “…under heavy load from benchmarking” while simultaneously running “graphic tests and just generally downloading, installing and using a million apps.”

Here’s your homework. Watch for sensationalist headlines like “The new iPad won’t charge” throughout the day. You’ll find plenty.