iPhone 4 extinguishes Torch in web browsing [Updated]

Sorry for the cheesy headline. I’m allowed one every now and then.

Here’s a video produced by crackberry.com that compares the web browsing performance of a BlackBerry Torch 9800, an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Captivate. They guys load several sites, both mobile-optimized and not, on all three devices simultaneously. They test performance over Wi-Fi and cell networks. The iPhone wins every time.

As the video progresses, the testers get desperate for their horse to win. At one point, Dieter [2. Update: Rene Ritchie points out that Dieter was more for the iPhone and the Captivate. Thanks, Rene.] notes that enabling Wi-Fi on the iPhone 4 is “…a fiasco.” Granted, he did encounter two unnecessary taps since his Settings app had been left in the Safari settings. But honestly, four taps to turn something on is hardly a “fiasco.” Do you know what is a fiasco? When the entire European Commission and all of Saudi Arabia decide not to use BlackBerries. That’s a fiasco.

Later, when all three devices have loaded the full version of National Geographic, the Torch obviously struggles with pinch-and-zoom and scrolling. Its anemic Qualcomm MSM7600 CPU is almost certainly to blame.

Finally, the testers agree that the Torch would beat the iPhone 3GS. It seems odd to compare RIM’s latest and greatest to Apple’s model from last year, no?