iPhone 4 PR [Updated]

Yesterday I picked up my iPhone 4 from the AT&T store. The line was about 20 people deep when I arrived. As we stood there, shoppers passed by and watched us wait. Many of them had something to say. None of it was good.

“They’re returning their iPhones,” one woman said. “They get no reception.”

“When you hold it,” said another, “it breaks.”

“I’m going to keep my Blackberry since the iPhones don’t work.”

“Apple forces you to buy an expensive case. I bet that’s what they’re waiting for.”

If these sentiments represent public opinion, [1. Eavesdropping on random shoppers in a rural mall — specifically, only those motivated enough to disparage Apple —  is hardly scientific evidence, so keep that in mind.] Apple has a real PR problem on its hands. Geeks like you and me are more informed, but we’re the minority of consumers.


Update: Response from Mr. D.