iPhone-enabled “smart luggage” trackable via GPS


Soon you’ll be able to watch your lost luggage travel farther and farther away. The concept Bag2Go from Airbus is the result of a collaboration between T-Mobile and German luggage maker Rimowa. Aside from your skivvies, there’s a GPS tracker, a 2G mobile radio and an RFID chip inside the bag, recording its whereabouts. Additionally, a companion iPhone app lets you monitor the bag’s location. There’s even a scale built into the handle, so you can weight it by simply picking it up.

For now, there are no plans to put the technology into consumer luggage, but Airbus may license the Bag2Go to airlines so that travelers can rent them on a short-term basis. Sounds cool, but wouldn’t you rather own one of these bags instead of renting it from the airline?

[Via The Verge]

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