iPhone gloating

Mike Halsey from January, 2010:

“With a starting price tag of $500 [the iPad is] simply too expensive, twice the price of a better specification netbook and the same price as significantly better laptops.  At this price it’s [sic] unique selling points of multi-touch and… erm… whatever the others are, are simply not enough to win hearts and minds.”

According to DigiTimes, Asustek (parent company of the Asus brand) has “experienced drop in consolidated revenues, mainly due to dropping Eee PC shipments,” and “only shipped about 350,000 Eee PCs in April.”

The iPad has become the go-to entry-level computing device for those to who don’t want or need a PC, or are most interested in Internet, email, photos and videos. Why? Because the iPad is perfectly suited for that purpose.

It was no accident that when Steve Jobs first demonstrated the iPad, he was sitting, cross-legged, in an easy chair. Anyone who ever tried to do the same with a laptop was struck at how appealing that scene was. The iPad offers the Internet that people want in a cozy, book-like form factor.

In fact, a recent Nielsen study revealed that 7 out of 10 people use a tablet while watching TV. Fifty-seven percent use a tablet in bed.

Haley is thinking like a geek, but we geeks represent a small portion of computer customers. Most shoppers want a computer for the tasks described above. For them, the iPad is a causal device for casual computing, while netbooks never evolved past, “Ooh, look. It’s a tiny laptop.”