iPhone travel tip: follow airlines on Twitter


Summer storms can disrupt your travel, and spending the night on the floor of an airport is no fun. A great way to stay on top of the latest alerts, changes and notices from the major airlines is to subscribe to their Twitter accounts. Having a Twitter app on your iPhone puts access to that information into your pocket.

In these situations, being connected to your airline on Twitter can offer more than simple news delivery. In 2011, brutal winter storms left hundreds of thousands of people without a flight. Many stranded travelers  who shared their predicament with their airline via Twitter (along with the reservation number) were rebooked faster than those who waited in the customer service line or called the 800 number. Here is a list of Twitter accounts as used by several major airlines:

On your iPhone, choose a Twitter app that supports notifications (I use Twitterrific, but there are many others available). Enable notifications for mentions. That way, if you send a message to your airline’s account, your phone will let you know when you’ve received a reply. Happy flying!