“Lost” Rod Serling interview

The great Rod Serling was a television visionary and is among my favorite science fiction writers. Here’s a television interview with Rod conducted in 1970. From the YouTube description:

“In 1970 University of Kansas professor James Gunn interviewed a series of science fiction authors for his Centron film series ‘Science Fiction in Literature.’ This footage from an unreleased film in that series featuring an interview with Rod Serling, which wasn’t finished due to problems with obtaining rights to show footage from Serling’s work in television. This reconstruction is based on the original workprint footage that was saved on two separate analog sources since the audio track was separate. Re-syncing the footage was a long involved process as the audio track didn’t match the film and there was substantial sync drift. While not perfect, there’s a lot of interesting information on writing for television in the dialogue with Serling as well as a prophetic statement about his health at the beginning.”

It’s a great interview. As my buddy Paul at Shadow & Substance says, “He’s remarkably humble about his contributions to the field.”

You’ll find part 2 after the break.

[Via Dangerous Minds]