Lucasfilm already rushing out 3D Star Wars re-releases

George Lucas plans to speed up the Star Wars 3D re-releases by sending the revamped “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones” and “Episode III Revenge of the Sith” to theaters in consecutive months in 2013. The studio announced the change at the Star Wars Celebration VI fan gathering in Orlando, Fla. this week.

Lucasfilm intended to release one 3D film per year for six years, starting with “The Phantom Menace” (TMP) in 2012. At the time, I wondered if the public’s interest in 3D movies would last that long. Of course, Lucasfilm didn’t give a reason for the accelerated schedule, and TPM did well in its 3D release, grossing $43,456,382 domestically. Still, you can’t ignore the fact that these huge releases will happen only weeks apart.

Something is afoot. I can sense it.