After reading the tech web for years, you begin to see the same topics come and go. Recently, email management and  comments on blogs were hot topics. This week, Markdown has had a resurgence.

Patrick Rhone at Minimal Mac demonstrated how he uses TextExpander to bring Markdown functionality to apps that don’t support it. That post got the ball rolling, and prompted MacSparky to respond with a post on using reference links.

I also received an email from Eddie Smith which pointed out his call for developers interested in working with Notational Velocity and Markdown. Eddie has done some fantastic work with both technologies; if you can contribute to his current project, please do.

I’ll admit that I don’t use Markdown but this conversation has got me interested. Gruber is, of course, the authority, and TUAW posted a brief “cheat sheet” earlier today.

What all of this demonstrates is that there are human beings behind the words and ideas you read online every day. Most of them are generous and smart, which I appreciate. Thanks, everyone.