Minor UI gripe with Path

I’ve been enjoying Path since the latest update came out. However, I’ve got a gripe with the button used to comment on another user’s update.

Basically, it almost always looks the same. As you press the button it changes color, but as soon as you let go it returns to is pre-pressed state. There’s no other feedback that the press was successful (spinning gear, etc.), and I often press it a second time, thinking that the update isn’t happening. See below.

The button only looks different when pressed, hidden by my finger

Conversely, take a look at Apple’s Messages. Before I type my message, the Send button is dark. As I type, it lights up and once the message is sent, it returns to its pre-pressed state. That way I know the press was successful and something is happening.

Ready for text entry
Typing complete, changed to its "ready to be pressed" state.

It’s a minor request, but I hope this button’s behavior changes with a forthcoming update.