More on Notational Velocity and Dropbox

Yesterday I had the pleasure of discussing my text editor dilemma with Myke and Terry at The Bro Show. They swear by Simplenote, touting tagging, Dropbox and iOS integration as its selling points. It’s a great solution, but it’s also an “everything bucket” in the strictest sense. Notes rest in a single “pile.” You can tag them and search by tag, but that created another pile for me: a pile of tags.

I’ve been using PlainText as it supports folders, integrates with Dropbox and looks great. Plus, I can create a file on my iPad, iPhone or Mac and have it pop up on all three.

The problem is this setup is friction-heavy. Opening a file for quick capture either takes some setting up with hotkeys or worse, the Dock and Finder. I’ve been using Notational Velocity to make that easier, after changing the directory to my PlainText folder on Dropbox and switching the file type to Plain Text (at left). This works, save for one thing. NV is restricted to a single directory.

Reader Jacob Sam-La Rose wrote to tell me how to change the directory NV points to, which is great. Unfortunately, it’s still restricted to the contents of that directory, meaning PlainText can open any file (with in the PlainText directory on iPad), while NV is restricted to the “NV” folder.

Perhaps I should give up and simply use NV and Simplenote. I would, if I didn’t enjoy PlainText so much.

Why did I write a post without a clear conclusion or advice for you to consider? Because I haven’t got it all figured out. Sharing could elicit The Great Answer [1. Not “42.”] from one of you or spark another conversation that’s useful for all of us. Thanks for reading.