My DODOcase just saved my iPad’s life

A few minutes ago, I arrived home from a very long day at work. I partially unpacked my backpack before picking it up to move the rest of the things into my basement office. At the top of the stairs I realized that I had forgotten to zip it shut, but not before the contents, including my iPad, fell seven feet onto a concrete floor. I watched, horrified, as it landed hard and skittered across the concrete.

My iPad was inside my DODOcase. I fearfully removed its strap and opened the cover.

The iPad was completely unharmed.

I did a few tests and gave it a full physical exam. There’s not a scratch on it and it works perfectly. Unfortunatley, the inner bamboo casing of my beloved 1st edition DODOcase shattered, absorbing the energy of the impact. I’m very sad to see it go, but also extremely grateful.

Thank you, DODOcase. You rock.