Name your podcast episodes carefully

I listen to many podcasts, which means I’m often behind on several. Identifying the episodes I haven’t heard is easy when they’ve been named properly. Otherwise, I’m left to guess. Here’s what I mean.

Below is a screenshot of The Adam Carolla Show[1. I hate to pick on Adam, as I love his show.] as it appears in iTunes on the Mac. Each episode’s title is front-loaded with the show’s name, which is so long that it obscures the guest’s name. When I’m 3-4 episodes behind, I can’t tell which I haven’t heard.

It’s even worse on the iPod, where horizontal screen real estate is at a premium:

Ged recently noticed this on the Sci-Fi Cast‘s listing, and changed all of the titles to accommodate the UI restrictions of iTunes on both the Mac and iOS. Now it looks like this on the Mac

and like this on the iPod.

It’s still not perfect, but better than it used to be. We could further shorten “Episode” to “Ep” and gain a few more characters for the title. Speaking of which, get the title down to one or two words if you can.

Keep this in mind when naming your podcast episodes. Not only does it improve searching for your fans, it allows newcomers to get an idea of what you’re about with a glance.