New iPhone 4 ads [Updated]

As children, my sisters and I teased our mom for crying over long distance TV ads. Today, it seems Apple has gotten hold of that advertising playbook. The result is the polar opposite of the Droid campaign.

Four new iPhone 4 ads debuted this week, each promoting FaceTime. Here is the ad entitled “Meet Her,” in which a first-time dad lets his own father, now a first-time grandfather, see his new baby. In another ad entitled “Smile,” a reluctant teen is coaxed into smiling, and revealing her braces, to her dad.

The third ad is called “Haircut” and features a woman’s hesitant revelation of a shorter-than-expected haircut to her boyfriend. Finally, in “Big News,” a young woman reveals to her husband — over the phone and yet face-to-face — that she’s finally pregnant.

While Droid phones are apparently made for and by robots, the iPhone 4 ads focus on intimate, human relationships: Fathers, sons, daughters, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends. Babies are featured in two of the four. They successfully use emotion to sell a piece of technology.

This won’t make my mom cry. This will.

Update: As Peter Cohen points out, many of the iPhones in the ad are being held by a left hand.