On PR emails

Shawn Blanc has linked to a super piece from David Pogue on his favorite PR email. I get several of these per day and now that Macworld Expo is imminent it’s really ramped up, bringing out the good and the bad.

For example, I’m surprised at how many misspell Macworld, instead writing “MacWorld” or even “Mac World.” Others go on and on, pushing 700 or 800 words. Honestly, I tuned out during the first paragraph.

The better ones come from the small firms and the best come from independent developers and very small companies. My favorite from last year mentioned a recent snowfall my town experienced, the New England Patriots’ trouncing of the Buffalo Bills just days prior and some funny things I had said on Twitter.

I’m testing their product right now.

Another pitchman referenced my over-the-top Van Halen fandom and included a photo of a vintage program from the 1984 tour.

Of course, you needn’t get so personal to gain my attention. At the same time, you should be able to spell the name of the biggest Apple-themed trade show of the year. In the end, I appreciate those who make an effort, and gladly give them a look.