Predicting iPad apps

Before the iPad was announced, I imagined which iPhone apps would translate beautifully to an Apple tablet. Some ideas made it and others didn’t. Here’s a look at what I wished for and what we got.


My favorite comic reader on the iPhone is begging for a place on the iPad. The team has teased it, but so far it’s not in the store. The iPad is technically idea for comics. The size, large display and pinch-and-zoom allow the reader to enjoy a full-page rendition and fine detail equally. There are good readers in the store like ComicsDC and Marvel, but honestly I’m waiting for Panelfly. The UI is beautiful and the “smart zoom” works wonderfully.

Musee Du Louvre

When I visited the Louvre two years ago, the front desk offered audio tours. For a few bucks, you can rent a little device that provides commentary and directions for moving through the many exhibits. I imagined an app that could be downloaded to a tablet before arrival similar to Musee Du Louvre for iPhone and iPod touch. You could use it to identify the exhibits you wanted to explore, gain background information and otherwise prepare yourself for visiting such a massive museum.

Unfortunately, that app has not gone universal, nor as a separate iPad version been released. There are a number of museum apps in the store (Musees de Paris is a nice one), but I haven’t found one that’s a thorough virtual guide. Feel free to speak up if you have.


Geocaching is the international game of hide-and-seek that desperate parents like me use to get our kids outdoors. The iPhone app is fantastic, and I imagined that at tablet’s large display would only improve things. Unfortunately, the iPad doesn’t support true GPS, and geocaching requires precision. So that one’s a bust.

At Bat

Major League Baseball fulfilled my every wish with At Bat for the iPad. In January I imagined full-screen streaming of games, live stats on the player at the plate and scores from around the league. All of that works beautifully in At Bat for iPad. Some of the features I wish for, like pass-and-play mini games and live chat with other fans didn’t come to be, but that’s fine. No one likes feature creep.

CNN App for iPhone

CNN App for iPhone is a super news app for the iPhone and iPod touch. In January I imagined a larger-screen version, but it hasn’t happened. That’s worked out, though, as I enjoy getting news in the iPad with USA TODAY and the New York Times. I’d still welcome an iPad-optimized version of that CNN app, but I’ve found other enjoyable news apps for the iPad.

Among the group of misses, I’m most eager for Panelfly for iPad. I’m glad that the developers are taking the time to get it right, but the 10-year-old comics fan inside me is getting antsy.