Big thanks to Quotebook for being this week’s sponsor. It’s an app I like very much.

The longer Quotebook has been on my iPhone, the more I’ve used it. This fun, handy app stores quotes that you’d like to recall whenever the mood strikes.

Most of the time you’ll use Quotebook to capture quotes. [1. Some of my favorites include “Because I said so,” “There, it’s broken are you happy now?” and “Don’t make me turn around.” Your list may differ.] It’s easy to get started: just tap the “+” button to create a new record and start typing. It’s fun because Quotebook does a lot of the work for you. For example, tap the arrow next to the author and source fields to see an iPhone-optimized Wikipedia entry for each.

Also, the Auto Suggest will try to guess the quote you’re about to enter (usually successfully, in my experience) and the app will offer to add any text you have on the clipboard upon launch. That’s handy if you just grabbed something from Safari, an email, etc.

Lickability recently released version 1.3, which adds a new Author and Source completion button and lets you scroll through tags will the on-screen keyboard is up. It’s a super app that’s very well done, and has earned a spot on my iPhone’s home screen. Try it now.