Read & Trust Premium Newsletter

Read & Trust founder Aaron Mahnke explains:

“So beginning in April, Read & Trust will be launching a weekly email newsletter that will deliver exclusive, long-form content to our subscribers. Each week, one of the many talented writers in our network will craft a post built around a monthly theme (topics such as creativity, beverages, workflows, etc) that will be exclusive to Read & Trust. For just $5 each month, you’ll receive a weekly, quality piece in your inbox that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Six years ago I started a blog about my experiences as a new father. I know that that there are a few of you who’ve followed me since then, and that’s incredible. I see the Read & Trust newsletter as a thank you to those faithful readers and really everyone who has joined me along the way. Each issue will feature a single theme, and I intend to pour my very best work into it. I know you’ll enjoy it and I hope you’ll subscribe. I’ll be contributing to the first issue.