1. Mlkshk.com.
      Bonus: it works with Tweetbot!
      (Hit submit too soon on last comment. Blasted fat fingers on small iPhone). If only I had a stylus my typing would be less beleaguered. *drink*

  1. CloudApp shares pictures in a nice clutter free way. Also, they offer a paid tier which means they are unlikely to disappear in the middle of the night. Of course you can use it for free though. The only downside is that most Twitter apps, including Twitter itself, won’t detect those pics and display them in the timeline. If being displayed in the timeline is important to you I’d go with yFrog as they too offer a clutter free experience. I just worry about them selling out like Posterous though. I say just go with CloudApp.

  2. I’m using CloudApp, as I like the native Mac app, I have a Dropzone destination for it that works with Skitch, and it’s supported natively by Tweetbot.

  3. I know this goes against the curve but why not do it right thru twitter’s own picture service? That way many clients (Tweetbot, Twitter.com, etc.) can view the images inline instead of having to see a separate web view of your pictures?

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