Safari Reading List in Reeder for Mac

Reeder for Mac version 1.1.5 became available today with support for Safari’s Reading List. It’s now among the services that will accept an article from Reeder. Below is a screenshot of the Services preference pane. Safari Reading List is disabled by default, so you’ll have to select the check box to make it an option. While you’re at it, add it to the toolbar or record a keyboard shortcut.

Once you’ve found an article you’d like to save, simply click the familiar Safari Reading List icon (the pair of glasses) in the toolbar or hit your shortcut. If Safari is running, the link will be quietly added. If it’s not open, it will launch but without displaying a window. In either case, you’ll find your article waiting for you in the Reading List.

Finally, here’s a shot of gesture support for adding an item to Safari Reading List.

Those who use Reeder and Safari’s Reading List feature should find this quite useful. Reeder for Mac version 1.1.5 is available in the Mac App Store now.