I was 4 for 5 in my predictions of today’s events.

  • $30 Apple Store credit to all current iPhone 4 owners — correct
  • Apple will continue to accept returns with no restocking fee — correct
  • iOS 4.01 will be release and explained (iOS 4.01 was released the day before, so I get this one wrong)
  • Steve (I assume Steve will be the one talking) will insist that the iPhone 4′s design is the best Apple has ever made and that it offers a superior experience over its predecessors (In my experience, that’s been the case). He’ll describe the record-setting sales that Apple and AT&T experienced. — correct
  • Steve will announce the availability of the white model — correct

Heck, I was 5 for 6 if you count my last sentence: “The short event will conclude with Steve (and maybe Scott Forstall) taking questions.”