Sponsorship spots available

Just a reminder that sponsorship spots are available for the end of February and the beginning of March. Each Monday, I post a link and description of your product or service, which is also pushed to my RSS feed. I’ll mention it again on the following Friday. Additionally, those posts will be published to my Twitter followers at @52tiger and @davidcaolo as well as my Google Plus followers. Finally, a text link will appear on the sidebar for the full week.

Here’s what Blue Atlas Technology, LLC, developers of Tango Remote Control Media Player HD had to say about their sponsorship experience:

“We were looking to increase our marketing to tech-savvy users and 52 Tiger was just what we were looking for.   Our sales have increased since we began our sponsorship and we are excited about our continued sponsorship on 52 Tiger.”

Become a sponsor today and reach a focus, highly-engaged audience.