Sponsorships now available

Ten years ago I built a site with Adobe GoLive which I used to write about my brand-new iPod. While publishing those early posts to Blogintosh (as that old site was called) I became enchanted with the idea of earning my living entirely from writing. Enchanted, and then determined. Today I’m nearly there, and over the next few weeks, changes at 52 Tiger will represent big steps towards securing that dream. Today I’m announcing the first.

Sponsorships are now available. Recently, people have asked how they can support me and the site. This is the best way to directly reach my readers. Speaking of my readers, they’re a group of folks as passionate about Apple, technology, design and quality writing as I am. They love this stuff, just as you probably do. If you’ve got a product or service that you’d like to get in front of some Apple nerds, I’ve got  some readers who will like to see it.

You’ll find all the details here. I hope to hear from you soon. Finally, thank you to everyone who reads and encourages me to write. It means so very much.