SpotQueue and SpotQueue Remote for iPhone, iPad

Big thanks to SpotQueue (free) and SpotQueue Remote by Blue Atlas Technology, LLC for sponsoring the site this week.

SpotQueue is a music player for your Spotify playlists. It offers features that the Spotify app doesn’t. Advanced Queueing lets you create and edit playlists on the fly. You can add a new track or album with one tap. Insert a track, album or whole playlist into any existing playlist with two taps. Create new playlist and re-arrange the queue during playback, and save a playlist that turned out especially well.

It’s easy to skip back and forth, control steam quality and manage playlists.

SpotQueue Remote lets you control SpotQueue from your pocket. Connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running SpotQueue to a stereo or powered speakers. Then, use SpotQueue Remote to control it from anywhere on the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. Now you can manage your radio stations and SpotQueue’s Advanced Queueing from wherever you are. Control playback, mark favorites, and adjust stream quality. All from the iPhone in your pocket.

Grab them both and enjoy Spotify in a whole new way.