“Starting at $99”

Amazon’s new Kindle Touch looks great. Small form factor, nice and light, fantastic battery life and more. It’s got me interested in buying an e-reader for the first time. Plus it’s so inexpensive at $99.

That is, it starts at $99. At that price it runs ads as a screensaver. You can get rid of them for an additional $40, bringing the price to $139. Also, the AC adapter is not included, but you can buy one for $10. Now the entry-level Kindle Touch is $150. The ad-free, Wi-Fi only Nook Touch ships with an AC adapter for $139.

Before you berate me for whinging over ten dollars, note that I’m a frugal New Englander and notorious cheapskate. Yes, I can connect the Kindle Touch to a computer via the supplied USB cable for charging, or use any old USB charger I have lying around. Most geeks has several.

But at $99, the Kindle Touch will attract people who don’t hoard USB chargers (the $79 Kindle even more so). It’s not a monumental deception, but feels unsavory to me.