Streaming music from iDisk [Updated]

Thanks to Michael Robertson, the tech web latched onto the fact that the iDisk iPhone app lets users stream MP3 and AAC files stored on their iDisks in the background. I pointed this out two months ago. Today, David Chartier explained why this isn’t the first hint of a future cloud-based music service:

“For one thing, you have to manually move or copy music files into your iDisk (in Macworld’s brief testing, it doesn’t matter where you store the files in your iDisk). When a song finishes, you have to manually open the app and select another song to play, as there is no playlist support or even continuous play functionality for multiple tracks in a single folder. The previous and next track buttons in the background playback controls don’t work either; they simply end the currently playing song.”

I’m anxious for a cloud-based version of iTunes, too. Unfortunately, this isn’t it.

Update: I originally linked to the wrong TUAW article. That has been fixed. Thanks, @slim.