The Home Work podcast series on Freelancing

Aaron Mahnke of Wet Frog Studios and I produce Home Work, a podcast for home workers. It’s on the 70 Decibels podcast network, and we’re pretty proud of it. Recently we wrapped up a series of episodes on freelancing. Here’s an archive of all of those episodes.

  • Episode 042 – Finding Clients. When things get busy, it’s important to change how we work in order to stay on top of everything. Dave and Aaron discuss how they adapt to crazy schedules and busy weeks.
  • Episode 043 – Educating Clients. In episode two in our series on freelancing, Aaron and Dave discuss clients even further, including how and why to educate them to your process.
  • Episode 044 – Rate Of Pay. This time, it’s setting your price. A big topic and the guys share some nice insights and tips.
  • Episode 045 – Project Management. This week our series on freelancing heads into the realm of project management, and with Dave out sick, professional copywriter and all-around star home-worker Jason Rehmus fills in. We talk about setting up projects, managing expectations, contracts and testimonials. It’s awesome.
  • Episode 046 – Contracts. This week Dave and Aaron discuss contracts. They talk about why you need one and identify the features that every contract should have.
  • Episode 047 – Invoicing. This week our series on freelancing continues as Dave and Aaron discuss invoicing, both tools and practices. Plus, they debut the brand-new listener mail theme! HUGE thanks to listener Kyle Evans who created it for us.
  • Episode 048 – Record Keeping and Overhead. This week our series on freelancing continues as Dave and Aaron discuss record keeping and overhead. No Downton Abbey this week.

How we do our Home Work

Aaron Mahnke and I have produced nearly 30 episodes of the Home Work podcast for the 70 Decibels network.  It’s fun and a labor of love. Several listeners have asked about production, planning and so on.

I’ve decided to describe our routine, hardware, software and workflow in detail. We don’t use a lot of pricey equipment. Our Macs were clearly the biggest expense, followed by mics and headphones. Also, the software we use is either free or inexpensive. There are more professional setups for sure, but this works for us.

Here’s how two people with no audio engineering training produce a popular podcast. No snickering, please.

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Announcing Home Work – a podcast for home-based workers

I’m elated to announce the availability of Home Work, a new podcast I’ve got on the 70 Decibels Network with co-host Aaron Mahnke of Wet Frog Studios.

Aaron and I have been working from home for years, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two. We discuss all of it in the show, like choosing the right equipment (without breaking the bank), dealing with interruptions, building a support team and so much more. Each week features a discussion plus any goodies we found while conducting research. Think of it as the water cooler talk you don’t get while working at home.

I’m quite proud of Home Work and having it on 70 Decibels is, in my mind, a real stamp of approval. Go get episode one now.

Plus, Aaron killed it on the logo.

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