Wake N Shake for iPhone an effective, evil alarm

smilingevilWake N Shake Alarm Clock for iPhone ($0.99) is the alarm app for people who succumb to the snooze button morning after morning. I am one of you, dedicated snoozers. Those nine extra minutes sound so good in the wee hours [1. Why is it always nine minutes? Now you know.].

Kiss them goodbye.

Not only does Wake N Shake lack a snooze button, it offers an incredibly insistent alarm that isn’t easily extinguished. You must shake your iPhone to turn it off. I don’t mean a polite church handshake, either. Imagine a solid 30 seconds of shaking…and that’s the medium setting!

There’s more to Wake N Shake than flailing about. Gesture support is really nice and a few thoughtful touches make this app fun to use, including the deep social integration. Here’s my look at Wake N Shake.

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