Forcing a win or loss where there isn’t one

Microsoft has published a list of the most popular search terms that users entered into Bing in 2012. Apple’s mobile products dominated the tech category, with the iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 3, iPod touch and iPhone 4S in the first, second, fifth, sixth and ninth spots respectively. That’s good news for Apple, but not necessarily a death knell for Microsoft.

In some corners of the Apple web, there’s a gleeful schadenfreude in noting that data illustrating Apple’s popularity came from Microsoft’s search engine. GeekWire even imagines a fanfic letter that a vindictive Tim Cook might forward to Steve Ballmer, thanking his developers for producing such a fine search engine.

Don’t do that. It makes Apple fans look like petty jerks. Plus, you’re forcing a win and a loss (“Apple beats Microsoft!”) where there isn’t one. I saw something similar yesterday regarding Black Friday sales of Apple products and Microsoft products.

The story here is “Apple’s mobile products were popular search terms on Bing in 2012.” That’s it.