BGR reports “Apple is done”

Boy Genius Report posts on a story from Forbes which asks, “Is Apple’s iPhone no longer cool to teens?” Let’s ignore Betteridge’s law for now and explore where Forbes got its information. Was it a study of 10,000 teenagers, appropriately sampled across variables like economic standing, race, geographic location and so on?

No. BGR’s declarative headline “Apple is done, Surface tablets are cool, according to teens” is based on three sentences from Tina Wells of the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group:

“Teens are telling us Apple is done. Apple has done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but I don’t think they are connecting with Millennial kids. [They’re] all about Surface tablets/laptops and Galaxy.”

That’s it. How many teens are telling you that? Twelve thousand? Nine? How are you asking? A statistically valid survey? Casual conversation over dinner? Also, you don’t think Apple is connecting with kids? Do you just think, or do you have data to demonstrate that? Did you take a representative sample of American teens or talk with six kids at The Gap? Do kids even shop at The Gap anymore? Their clothes are kind of boring now. I went in there last week and there weren’t many kids around.

The Gap is doomed.

iPhone lock screen is “terrible” now

Jonathan S. Geller overreacts at Boy Genius Report:

“Apple, your new lock screen is terrible. It’s great that you want to make the camera even more accessible in iOS 5.1 since a lot of people didn’t know the double-tap trick, but you’ve compromised the usability of something as simple and vital as unlocking a phone. You have altered the iconic slide-to-unlock layout, and there’s no option to disable the new camera shortcut on the lock screen. Visually, an off-center slide-to-unlock mechanism isn’t appealing at all. It’s too narrow for the space and I’ve tapped the camera button by mistake more than a few times trying to unlock the phone.”

I like the ever-present camera button and I’m yet to tap it accidentally. Perhaps we Jonathan and I swipe differently. I agree that there should be an option to disable it, but calling the unlock mechanism “iconic” is a bit much.

Update: Reader Christian notes that Jonathan might have trouble with the placement of the camera button if he’s left-handed. Good point.


Alerts make the iPhone “worse” than BlackBerry

Jonathan Geller explains “why the iPhone is worse than a BlackBerry” at BGR:

“I need more control over my alerts…I really wish Apple would…allow users to set custom alert settings for different things. For instance, I’d love it if I could have different profile modes with settings for vibrate, ring, volume and ringtone much like how RIM’s BlackBerry phones have worked for ages.

Apple could totally take this one step further and allow location-based profiles for alerts, system settings, and more. When I get home, I want Bluetooth to turn off automatically, and I want my alert profile to change, for instance.”

That sounds good. Ryan Cash suggested something similar after “Patron X’s” iPhone interrupted a performance of the New York Philharmonic in January. Perhaps Apple will look into it.

But to say that inferior custom alert options alone make the iPhone “worse than BlackBerry” is ridiculous.

BGR disables comments

Boy Genius Report:

“I’m disabling comments for a bit, though. I’m tired of reading nonsense and of interacting with people that solely troll this site just to get a rise out of other commenters and start a holy war in the comments section. I’m tired of having to delete crap and I’m tired of people complaining that a few thousand people ruin it for millions. Maybe I’m just tired of you.”