Read and Trust Magazine for October – Productivity

The October issue of Read and Trust Magazine is out now (affiliate link). The topic is productivity, and the contributors are David Sparks, Brett Terpstra, Matt Alexander and David Chartier.  All smart, productive folks. Brett and David recently published 60 Mountain Lion Tips, an ebook on being productive with Apple’s latest operating system.

Full disclosure: I occasionally contribute to Read and Trust Magazine and benefit financially from subscriptions.

Create Day One entries with Alfred

Here’s a great script by my friend Brett Terpstra, modified by Federico Viticci to allow Alfred to create entries in Day One. Brett’s original script used Day One’s built-in command line interface to create entries from Terminal or LaunchBar. Like Federico at MacStories, I prefer Alfred, [1. Seriously one of my favorite apps. I use it every single day, multiple times per day. See here.] so I was pleased to see that Brett’s script requires almost no modification to work with Alfred.

Well done, guys. You’ve made my night.